Cirriculum Vitae

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017, AKA/PKA A Mid-Career Survey 1989-2017, Makeshift Museum, Los Angeles, CA

2015, Citizen X, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Artists 101, Los Angeles, CA.

2015, Dead, Lost or Displaced (10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina) Reginald Ingraham Gallery, LA

2013, The Citizen X, I’m Not Going To Be Famous, Space Luna. Los Angeles, CA.

2013, Citizen X, Untitled Projects, Los Angeles, CA                                

2011, Read My Lips, Barristers Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2010, Can’t Knock the Hustle, Jupiter Artprojects, New Orleans, LA

2009, People I Know, Dillard University, New Orleans, LA

2009, Revolution Will Be Televised, Studio 527, New Orleans, LA

2008, Behind the Façade, McKenna Museum of African American Art, New Orleans, LA

2007, Dead Lost or Displaced, Terrence Sanders Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2006, Darfur, Farrington Smith Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2004, Realms of Deceit and Hatred, Oculus Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2016, Overlord, SRO Gallery, NYC

2016, 3 The Hard Way, Artists 101, Los Angeles, CA

2015, 60 Americans, NYC

2014, L’Inlassable Galerie, Micro Salon #4, Paris, France.                       

2014, In 2040, JAUS, Los Angeles, CA.                                                 

2012, The Subterraneans, Torrance Museum of Art, Torrance CA.       

2012, Four Corners Untitled Projects, Los Angeles, CA                            

2010, Ogden Museum, EMERGE, New Orleans, LA

2010, S.O.S.: Magic, Revelry & Resistance in Post-Katrina, CCCADI Gallery, NYC

2010, Heat + Humidity, New Orleans, LA

2010, Black Artists as Activist, Corridor Gallery, NYC, NY

2009, 3 The Hard Way, Galerie Gigi, New Orleans, LA

2009, Six Principal Observations on Human Behavior, Coup D’Oeil Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2009, Salon D’Automne, Silverman Studios, New Orleans, LA

2009, Sex Changes Everything, Home Space Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2009, Facing the Challenge of a New Age, New Orleans African American Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA.

2008, The Peripheral Complexities of an Ordinary Existence, GSL ArtProjects, New Orleans, LA

2008, Katrina: Catastrophe and Catharsis, Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2008, Automatic, GSL ArtProjects, New Orleans, LA

2008, NO, Terrence Sanders Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2007, By Any Means Necessary, Terrence Sanders Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2007, Jazz & Heritage Festival, Congo Square, New Orleans, LA.

2007, Museo do Trabalho, “Detritus” Porto Allegre, Brazil.

2007, Moments In Time, New Orleans at the Crossroads, New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, New Orleans, LA.

2006, Vision/Revision, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA.

2006, Agnes University, Bioneers Conference, Atlanta, GA.

2006, The Bridge, B-Complex, Atlanta, GA.

2006, Katrina Exposed, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA.


2018, The Duality of the Human Condition (A Deer In Headlights)

2018, The Duality of the Human Condition (Other Side of Love)

2018, The Duality of the Human Condition (To Live & Die In LA)

2017, 4 Way

2015, One Sided Conversations

2015, Communication Breakdown

2011, Case Numbers 1-6

1996, Nightbirds

1996, Waiting Room

Street Installations

2015, Dead, Lost or Displaced, Los Angeles

2012, Fountain Head Studios, Miami, FL

2012, Citizen X, Los Angeles, CA

2009, Hurricane Katrina Memorial, New Orleans, LA

2007, Art-In-Action, New Orleans, LA


2018, As Strong As The Weakest Link

2014, Gang of Three

2012, Citizen X

2010, New Orleans Contemporary Art: Post Katrina


Times Picayune, “Peace Among the Ruins”, Chris Rose
Times Picayune, “Miracle on Royal Street", Doug MacCash
Gambit Weekly, “Minimal and Abstract Works”, DE Bookhardt
Art & The City, featured artist on Ovation Network


Western Union Lofts, 33 Photographs and 1 Installation. New Orleans LA
Curator of The Saratoga Collection New Orleans LA
Curator of the Marcel Wisznia Collection New Orleans LA


2013 Fountainhead Residency (Citizen X) 

Art Organizations:

Director of Untitled Projects

Director of Jupiter Art Projects

Director of Terrence Sanders Gallery 


Alexander Garbe Collection

Marcel Wisznia Collection

The Saratoga Collection

Dr. Joe Swider Collection

Larry Jones Collection

Stefane Venet Collection

Mario Madero Collection


60 Americans Elga Wimmer Gallery, NYC (co-curated by Noah Becker and Alexander Venet) 

EMERGE: Ogden Museum, New Orleans, LA (co-curated by David Houston) 

Heat & Humidity, New Orleans, LA  (co-curated by Robin Atkinson) 


Dead, Lost or Displaced, University of New Orleans Press