The other side of love

This series is comprised of images and poems written for random women while I lived and worked in New Orleans and New York City. All images and poems were shot between 2am and 6am in the early hours of the morning while we partied.  The poems given to women that inspired me. I am gifted with the pleasure of women and the trust in allowing me to photograph them. The images are intentionally obscured to add a layer of mystery. I want the viewer to work for the end result which is buried beneath the surface.

“Other Side of Love” is one of a mixed media series of poems and photography Sanders-Smith created for, and dedicated to, the women he has loved and not loved.  The canvas image is abstracted to evoke mystery, as well as to protect identity.  The text, swimming in a similar sea of red, speaks of that which is present and that which is lost.  The artist stands on shores while the beloved departs with the passing day.  Sanders-Smith is an artist interested in the combination of picture and word.  Where much of Sanders-Smith work (as well as others who engage image and text) manages to sustain harmony without a discernible center, here the clean delineation creates their own boundaries.  Each exists on opposing sides of the canvas.  Like man and woman, lover and beloved, two sides of the same coin, two halves of the whole.  The poem evokes context for the image, while the ineffable impression maintains the elusiveness of the text.”