Read my lips

June 6, 1998, Kathryn Weir curated an exhibition titled ‘Read My Lips’ at the National Gallery in Australia featuring 3 important contemporary artists Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger and  Cindy Sherman.  The exhibition explored questions about the role and the meaning of art today. 13 years later, I’m still exploring the same question of aesthetic, of subject matter and of the role of the contemporary artist. My goal as a contemporary artist in the 21st century is to redefine art. I use the medium to educate and provoke the viewer. It is my weapon of choice. I want to pierce your soul and consciousness with my visual dialogue. I am a social documentarian and my brother’s keeper no matter what religion, race or creed. The photography presented in this series of mixed media works exposes, explores, and offers a platform to investigate and define family, street hustlers, religion, politicians, drug addicts, love, and criminality. I use imagery to evoke an emotional response giving the subject not only a visual dialogue, but a voice that will sustain and evolve with each passing generation. The works in the ‘Read My Lips’ exhibition attempt to make a visual statement about the SIGNIFICANCE of art, representation and THE power structure in contemporary society.